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Stenströms Vests

Here’s where you’ll find our men’s vests for every occasion. A stylish, quilted vest is an incredibly versatile and practical piece. A warm vest can replace a jacket in the period between spring and autumn. In winter, wear a jacket over a thin vest for optimal, lightweight, layered warmth. 

Our leisure vests are made with exclusive jersey with a 4-way stretch that’s breathable, quick drying and has built-in UV protection. Our classic quilted vests with tailored cuts are unbeatable for when you want to add a touch of comfort, class and style.

What should I wear under a vest?

Our striped linen vests for men are our most elegant with a true tailored cut. They are perfect for wearing with a casual shirt or a knitted cashmere jumper. The combination of a jersey shirt, half zip jumper and a quilted waistcoat is a classic look that will keep you warm and give a well-dressed but relaxed impression. A scarf is a great way to accessorise your vest.

What should I wear with a vest?

For leisure activities, such as gardening or long walks in the countryside, our quilted leisure vests work well with a merino wool hoodie, sweatshirt or cable knit sweater. If you want to be ready for a night on the town, a more dressy down vest in brown or blue linen is the best choice. They look great with our cashmere or merino wool knitted jumpers.

This season's best outerwear

Outdoor vests are great for all seasons since they are stylish, comfortable and classy. In winter, a down vest provides extra warmth under your coat or down jacket. In spring and autumn, vests are perfect with a warm jumper when the weather quickly goes from hot to cold. In summer, vests are a great piece to wear over a shirt on cool summer evenings. See our range of shirts.

How to choose a good vest

Vests should be made of strong and durable materials, such as linen, cotton or wool. Vests should have lots of practical pockets, preferably on the inside and the outside, and close with a zip.

When should you wear a vest?

A stylish and warm down vest is the ultimate piece to wear under your winter coat or jacket when it's really cold. Vests keep your trunk warm, which helps to keep the rest of your body warm as well. Vests are also practical when the weather changes between hot and cold, such as during autumn and spring, or when shopping in town. Wear your vest with one of our knitted jumpers.

Are vests in fashion?

Vests are timeless, practical and popular, and are therefore always in fashion. We see more vests in spring and autumn – the classic peak seasons for vests. To make your vest feel more current, you can choose a darker colour for winter and a lighter colour for summer.

What should you wear under a vest?

A plain quilted vest gives a contemporary, sleek look – try pairing it with a top in the same colour, such as a knitted jumper or hoodie. As a general rule, if the vest has a large and bulky shape, you can wear thicker clothes underneath. Closely fitting vests often look best with a light jumper underneath.

How to wash a vest

If your vest is made of down, which is delicate, it should be washed as rarely as possible. Simply airing the garment outside is enough to make it smell fresh and regain its airy form. If you have to wash the vest, always follow the washing instructions on the label. A down vest should not be washed with fabric softener and should be dried in a tumble dryer with tennis balls or special drying balls until completely dry.

What is the best piece of outerwear for winter?

An outdoor vest is a very versatile and practical garment for any man looking to keep warm in style. We have a range of vests to suit different styles. The ones in linen have a more luxurious feel, while the nylon vest is much more casual in its appearance. Both will keep you warm on their own with a knitted top, or under a woollen coat or jacket.

Can you wear a vest instead of a jacket?

For days when the sun comes out in early spring and you're eager to dress a little lighter, a quilted or down vest is a great transitional piece. The vest keeps your torso warm, and the sleeveless and sporty feel is completed with one of our stylish wool jumpers.


Using only the best fabrics and trims, we craft classic and contemporary clothing that has become internationally renowned. The perfect fit and feel based on more than 125 years of sustainable  craftsmanship.

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