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Since 1899 Stenströms has crafted high-quality shirts. Today, over 100 years later, the reputation for our unique quality has spread far beyond the country’s borders

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Navy Micro Patterned Shirt
SlimlineNavy Micro Patterned Shirt$165$275
Black Striped Shirt
New SlimlineBlack Striped Shirt$153$255
White Striped Shirt
New SlimlineWhite Striped Shirt$195$325
Black/White Striped Shirt
New SlimlineBlack/White Striped Shirt$195$325
White Fiesta Evening Shirt
SlimlineWhite Fiesta Evening Shirt$177$295
Light Blue Striped Shirt
New SlimlineLight Blue Striped Shirt$255
Light Blue Striped Contrast Shirt
New SlimlineLight Blue Striped Contrast Shirt$165$275
Light Blue Striped Stretch Shirt
ClassicLight Blue Striped Stretch Shirt$295
Yellow Striped Twill Shirt
Fitted BodyYellow Striped Twill Shirt$255
Green Striped Twill Shirt
Fitted BodyGreen Striped Twill Shirt$255
Orange Striped Shirt
New SlimlineOrange Striped Shirt$255
Yellow Striped Shirt
New SlimlineYellow Striped Shirt$255
Pink Striped Shirt
New SlimlinePink Striped Shirt$255
Green Striped Shirt
New SlimlineGreen Striped Shirt$255
Grey Striped Shirt
SlimlineGrey Striped Shirt$159$265
Black Striped Twill Shirt
SuperslimBlack Striped Twill Shirt$159$265
Blue Striped Shirt
SuperslimBlue Striped Shirt$265
Blue/White Striped Shirt, XL-sleeves
Fitted BodyBlue/White Striped Shirt, XL-sleeves$156$260
Light Blue Pinstriped Shirt
Fitted BodyLight Blue Pinstriped Shirt$255
Light Blue Pinstripe Shirt
1899Light Blue Pinstripe Shirt$365
Blue Striped Twill Shirt
1899 SlimBlue Striped Twill Shirt$365
Shirt Textured Blue
Fitted BodyShirt Textured Blue$171$285
Blue Striped Organic Cotton Shirt
1899Blue Striped Organic Cotton Shirt$390
1899 Blue Striped Organic Cotton Shirt
1899 Slim1899 Blue Striped Organic Cotton Shirt$390
Light Blue Striped Shirt
1899Light Blue Striped Shirt$365
Light Blue Pinstripe Shirt
1899 SlimLight Blue Pinstripe Shirt$365
Shirt - Striped, Light Blue
1899 SlimShirt - Striped, Light Blue$365
Light Blue/White Striped Shirt
SuperslimLight Blue/White Striped Shirt$255
Blue Striped Contrast Shirt
New SlimlineBlue Striped Contrast Shirt$265
Light Blue Shirt, French Cuffs
New SlimlineLight Blue Shirt, French Cuffs$300
Blue Pinstriped Shirt
New SlimlineBlue Pinstriped Shirt$265
Blue Pinstriped Shirt
New SlimlineBlue Pinstriped Shirt$265
Navy Thin Striped Shirt
SlimlineNavy Thin Striped Shirt$325
Light Blue Pinstriped Shirt
New SlimlineLight Blue Pinstriped Shirt$265
Light Blue Pinstriped Shirt, XL-sleeves
New SlimlineLight Blue Pinstriped Shirt, XL-sleeves$260
Blue Striped Shirt
SlimlineBlue Striped Shirt$171$285
Shirt Striped Blue/White
SlimlineShirt Striped Blue/White$270
Striped Shirt Navy
Fitted BodyStriped Shirt Navy$177$295
Blue Striped Contrast Shirt
SlimlineBlue Striped Contrast Shirt$255
Light Blue Pinstriped Shirt
SlimlineLight Blue Pinstriped Shirt$255
Blue Pinstriped Shirt
ClassicBlue Pinstriped Shirt$255
Light Blue Micro Patterned Shirt
Fitted BodyLight Blue Micro Patterned Shirt$275
Light Blue Pinstriped Shirt, XL-sleeves
Fitted BodyLight Blue Pinstriped Shirt, XL-sleeves$260
Light Blue Shirt, French Cuffs
SlimlineLight Blue Shirt, French Cuffs$300
Light Blue/White Striped Shirt
SuperslimLight Blue/White Striped Shirt$295
Blue/Vit Striped Shirt
SuperslimBlue/Vit Striped Shirt$325
White/Blue Striped Shirt, French Cuffs
Fitted BodyWhite/Blue Striped Shirt, French Cuffs$300
Blue Striped Twill Shirt
Fitted BodyBlue Striped Twill Shirt$255
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Since 1899, Stenströms has cultivated a work ethic and craftsmanship that has always strived to deliver fantastic shirts. With a focus on quality and by adapting the men's shirt's design to suit different occasions, it is simple and easy to find a shirt that suits any individual and their personal needs.

Did you know that the process of creating a shirt involves 60 distinct operations that are checked at five critical inspection stations?

The collar is processed in 25 different steps to get the special feeling, which is so characteristic of our shirts and some steps are still completed by hand, which really sets our product apart from the rest and makes sure that each shirt retains its shape, elegance and comfort year in and year out. As it stands today, we have expanded our range and also design and manufacture more than just shirts for men.

We have been a Royal Court Supplier since 1962, and able to use the two titles "By appointment to H M the King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden" and "By appointment to H M the Queen of Sweden".

1899 Heritage shirts

Stenströms 1899 shirts come in two models: 1899 and 1899 Slim. The collection, which consists of men's shirts is a tribute to founder August Stenström and his uncompromising craft philosophy. The collection contains shirts in the finest cotton and every shirt detail is shaped to perfection.


Stenströms offers six fits for men's shirts, which means that everyone can find a shirt that’s perfect for them. The different fits go under the names Super-slim, Slimline, Fitted Body, Classic, 1899, and 1899 Slim. Find your fit below…


This silhouette is designed for a man who wants a really slim model. The shirt has two darts in the back for a perfect fit.


This model is one of our most popular and is suitable for those of you who want a slim fit but still a good range of movement. This shape has darts in the back for a beautiful silhouette.

Fitted Body

This is one of our most common shirt models and has two pleats in the back, which gives an increased range of movement and comfort. The fit can also be called Regular fit.


Our model Classic has a more generous and straighter fit, with pleats in the back for increased mobility and comes with a breast pocket.

1899 Regular fit

Designed for the man who wants a tailored fit, with two darts in the back and a split yoke. The 1899 shirt is the result of tailoring of the highest quality and attention to detail.

1899 Slim fit

The model 1899 Slim has a narrower fit than the 1899 shirt but also has two darts in the back for a great silhouette and a split yoke. A shirt of the highest quality with details shaped to perfection.

See measurement tables and how to measure guide to find the perfect Stenströms shirt for you.

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